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Item matchbox


    The letter K in the item number means KING SIZE or about 1:48 scale, works well with Lionel size. The regular size is 1:64 scale, a little smaller.
  • Grading the condition is a little different than the train grading system. The Vehicles are graded as follows:
  • MINT-as made, virtually perfect
  • Near MINT-a small imperfection or two but evidencing no playwear
  • EXC - a toy with some minor playwear that still has a new appearance at arm's length
  • VG - a toy with obvious wear, but still presents well.
  • GOOD-a toy that is 100% intact but shows fairly extensive playwear; may be missing some original parts or show signs of fatigue.
  • FAIR-a toy with very extensive wear and missing a good portion of original paint. Parts may be missing and fatigue evident but the model will have a somewhat complete appearance. With the exception of rare models, pieces in this condition are not collectible.
  • BOXES:
  • MINT - as-made, virtually perfect
  • Near MINT - sharp and bright with a MINT appearance with a couple of slight imperfections.
  • EXC - a box that may either show some loss of brightness, an area of minor graffiti or an area of fatigue but still presents well.
  • VG - a box that will show a combination of fatigue, graffiti, staining or fading of color, but is structurally sound with a decent overall look.
  • GOOD - a box with extensive wear and fatigue which may be evidencing some paper loss, but still is displayable.
  • FAIR - a box with damage bad tears, missing an end panel, complete sides obscured by graffiti that is minimally collectible and displays poorly.
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