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Catalog #'s GO-3, 1800, 1909, & 5800. The GO-3 was first released in 1955 in a one piece box with a blue border and a picture of a gas station featured on the lid. It was next introduced in 1956, with a more modern and colorful two-piece box marked 1800. This kit has white walls, red roof and trim, two gas pump islands with oil racks, window insert, and one car. Total number of pieces is 18 to complete the kit. The next change to the large gas station was in 1967 with the 1909 box - identical to the 1800 box. The Plasticville logo was removed from the front and sides of the upper sign. This is a difficult kit to find with the decals "Cheltenham Service Center". The most difficult variation to find is the 5800 with a poly bag released in 1963.


17720EXOB GAS STATION KIT (LARGE) -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust. With Original Box

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