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Item plasticville-1803



This was the final church to grace the Plasticville line(they made 4 styles through the years), and appeared in 1957. This church was taken from the Littletown line, which Plasticville purchased in the mid-50's. This was the only Plasticville church that was not white. It was released with red walls, grey roof, white snap-in windows, doors, pillar, bell tower, and cross(Complete kit has 11 pieces). This was available in two box variations. The first box released was the #1803 with the flip-type lid and the art deco style with the Colonial Church on the box top. The later second version #1910 has the actual photo of the church with the lift-off lid. Two versions of the kit excist, light or dark gray roof. The dark gray being the most sought after of the two variations. This is a very impressive piece, to say the least, and very tough to find complete(cross is almost always missing). These Classic 1950's Plasticville Churches look great on any layout. Remember "Faith and Prayer Really Works".

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