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1938 Lionel Lines "OO" gauge box car. Scale detail in yellow and maroon. Lionel made four different numbers of box cars. The 0014 and 0024 came with three rail trucks, and the 0044 and 0077 featured two rail trucks. The lower numbers (0014 and 0044) are scale models, while the higher numbers (0024 and 0074) are semi-scale models lacking some detail. The 0044K was also offered in kit form. Two rail cars will run on three rail track, but three rail cars will cause shorting on two rail track.


18239LN LIONEL 0014 OO SCALE PENNSYLVANIA BOX CAR -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use.

18239EX 1938 DOUBLE O (OO) 0014 LIONEL LINES BOX CAR -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust.

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