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Item pre-184a-1



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  • Built from 1923 until 1942
  • Uncataloged at times and available on scenic plots until 1942 as well as sold separately
  • All steel construction, stamped 184, 184-1 or 184A-1 on bottom
  • Most were lighted
  • Over one hundred variations are known to exsist of these great little bungalows! Some of the variations include bases that are lithographed with grass or flowers or enameled in gray, mojave, hiawatha gray or yellow-flecked gray colors
  • Walls, dormers and porches can be lithographed in white, ivory or gray with red brick foundation and ivy details or enameled white, ivory, cream or in a textured ivory imitating stucco
  • Roofs were lithographed red or green, or enameled a variety of colors
  • Window inserts have different color variations
  • Chimneys can be lithographed brick, enameled colors or imitation stucco
  • Roofs could be removed, so chimneys could be on either side of the bungalow depending on the orientation of the roof
  • Early versions varnished
  • Early enamel versions are made of a heavier grade steel.


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    17704EX 184A-1 LITHOGRAPHED METAL BUNGALOW -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust.

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