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Classic year packed into 44 art deco illustrated pages. The cover featured the brand new 250E Milwaukee Road Hiawatha O gauge classic steamer. As Lionel eases out of the Depressin, their introducing numerous new items. The Mickey Mouse handcar has finally been pictured in the catalog and has helped pull them out of receivership, and the "Train Of Tommorrow"-Lionel's scale model of the Union Pacific Railroad's streamline train is now a fixture in O gauge. New items included 264E and 265E Commodore Vanderbilt's, rare 255E steamer, set 755W with the 250E Hiawatha 3-car passenger set(also available in a frt.set), 1700 streamline Jr passenger set, 616 Flying Yankee set(267E), set 291E with the 264E red comet set, Still 1935 was a great year for recataloged classics in Standard a nd O gauge. Including; 381E Electric, 9E Electic, 408E Electric, 400E Locomotic, 1835E Locomotive(new in 34), 392E Locomotive, 260E Locomotive, 409E Green State car set, 396E Blue Comet set, 300 Hell gate bridge, 114 Double Station, 840 Power Station, 43 Power boat, and lots more. Back cover advertises the Lionel Magazine. 1935 was a great year for classic prewar Standard and O gauge trains.


999M 1935 LIONEL CONSUMER CATALOG -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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