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Lionel didn't miss a beat in designing this 31 paged paper pulp catalog in 1942. The Cover was patriotic for WWII, an American flag motif featuring the classic 700E. All the items featured 1940's art deco illustrations. Features classic 1940's art deco illustrations for the line. All the items were repeat's as Lionel was changing over to war production. They're actually using mostly excisting inventory, as 1942 production has become very rare. Silver paint wasn't available, so any new production used substituted gray paint(hence 1942 has been refered as the "Gray Years"). Page two explained Lionel's ability to produce Naval machinery to help beat the axis. Featured items included; 700E and 700K for the last year, set #855W with 250 Hiawatha steamer with frt. cars, set 748W with 763E and Madison cars, set #859B with 227 switcher and frt. cars, 313 bascule bridge, 165 magnetic crane, 97 coal elevator, 164 log loader, and lots more. Also was the last year for some leftover standard gauge accessories and Double OO items, that would be discontinued(300 Hellgate bridge, 440 signal bridge, 155 frt. shed, 92 and 94 towers, 129 terrace, 116 double station, 840 power station, all done in late rare paint scheme's). Also included Lionel Chem-Lab sets. A very tough catalog to find, because of the low war production.

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