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Built from 1939 to 1942. 2-4-2 wheel configuration. Diecast black painted superstructure with separately applied whistle, bell, and railings. "229" rubber-stamped under each cab window. A three position E-unit is mounted ahead of the motor. This loco shows an interesting progression of manufacturing changes. The earliest versions have a number plate mounted through slots in the cab. Later, the plate is dropped and the number rubber-stamped on the cab, but the slots are still present. Tender has an air driven motor whistle sound. Puffing smoke from the smokestack was not invented yet. Came with two tenders - either a black 2689T or a black 2666T.


17238EX 229 2-4-2 STEAM LOCOMOTIVE AND TENDER -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust.

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