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Contained a 262 loco, 262T tender, 902 Stephen Girard green gondola (with two barrels), 803 peacock hopper, 806 orange cattle car (came with pea green or maroon roof), 804 aluminum with brass trim (no decals) oil car, 807 red caboose (came with peacock roof, cupola and windows), eight curved sections of track, and four straight sections of track. There were two sets numbered 233 - one made in 1930 with a 258 steam loco, and this one made in 1931 with the 262 loco. Loco and tenders were always black with copper journals, but the tender may or may not have an orange stripe. All freight cars in this set also had copper journals.


16348VGOB LIONEL 233 FREIGHT SET WITH 262 LOCOMOTIVE -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

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