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  • Made in 1942 WITH eat-stamped lettering with black journal boxes and selenoid (pushrod) electric couplers, this car is very rare as explained below
  • Heat stamped lettering replaced seperate metal name/number plates on the metal Lionel car as a wartime metal conservation measure during 1940/1941 as the war clouds appeared. The O gauge size cars were all changed in this way with new colors replacing the old, and all of them are quite rare and hard to get
  • The black hopper with white heat stamped letters is rarer than many. Replacing the red and green hoppers, the 816 hopper appeared in 1941 with manual couplers) in black with seperate nickle number and name plates and black journal boxes. It was changed to heatstamping sometime later
  • The 2816 version (the numeral 2 designating electric operating couplers) of the black heat stamped hopper appeared late with push rod couplers
  • It is believed that this version of the black hopper with pushrod couplers was made only during the last few days of production before all train manufacturing was switched to wartime items produced for the armed forces
  • The first electric operating (magnetic) couplers with the 'box' fit onto the O gauge cars without modification, but the newer pushrod couplers necesitated a modification of the car and tooling, hence the introduction of the 816 in black with manual couplers instead of automatic couplers
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    15291VG LIONEL PRE-WAR 2816 BLACK HOPPER - VERY RARE! -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

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