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The cars in this set were Lionel's brand new scale cars. The bodies are absolute scale models, but had Lionel's conventional tinplate wheels and trucks, designed for regular (tubular) track. All had automatic box couplers matching the other Lionel trains of that era. The "full scale" version of the cars had scale wheels, would only operate on T-rail scale track, and the couplers were absolute scale size which only mated scale cars (including the diecast hopper not included in this set). The scale cars also coupled up to the 700E and 8976 full scale locos, but no others. The 2957 caboose has a magnesium casting, the 2954 box car was made with heavy bakelite, and the 2955 tank car is all metal. There are two versions of the 2955, either with "Sunoco" or "Shell" markings. The catalog shows the Sunoco as having an aluminum finish for seperate sale, or a black finish in the set. Nothing is shown in the 1941 or 1942 catalogs showing the color of the "Shell" or the name itself. The bakelite box car number is 2954 and the magnesium caboose number is 2957. The 226 came with an all metal 2226W tender and


17490EXOB 226E SET WITH SCALE TANKER, BOX CAR AND CABOOSE - MADE IN 1941 -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust. With Original Box

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