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Built from 1929 until 1941, there were a total of seven different variations of this car. Common to all of them were the hinged doors rather than sliding ones. The initial run lasted until 1931, and was painted ivory white with a peacock green roof, black frame, nickel journal boxes, and copper nameplates. From 1931 until 1934, copper journal boxes replaced the nickel ones. In 1935, the car underwent its first major overhaul. The sides were painted glossy white and it was given a blue roof. The nameplates were changed to aluminum, and nickel journal boxes returned. In 1938, the frame began to be painted aluminum instead of black, and the roof became a lighter shade of blue. In 1940, the roof began to be painted brown. In 1941, the last (and rarest) version received heat-stamped lettering rather than the nameplates.


17209G 814R REFRIGERATOR CAR -> C-5 Good - Scratched, small dents, dirty.

17209-1G 814R REFRIGERATOR CAR -> C-5 Good - Scratched, small dents, dirty.

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