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Built from 1927 to 1938. This car had eight different versions. The first one (from 1927 to 1931) was olive green with nickel journal boxes and brass name/number plates. Some 1931 green hoppers received copper journals but shortly after that switch, the color was changed to red. This change lasted through 1934. Sometime in 1935, nickel journal boxes began to appear on these cars. Also in 1935, the red was changed from a bright, fire engine red to a more maroon-based one. This color would last until 1941 with nickel plate journals and box couplers. In 1941, the cars began to be painted black with nickel plates and black journals. The final (and extremely rare) version received stamped lettering rather than the nameplates.


16114G 816 O GAUGE RED COAL HOPPER -> C-5 Good - Scratched, small dents, dirty.

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