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Unpainted plastic body, metal handrails, stamped metal frame, chrome wheels similar to those found on Alco diesels, blue rubber man (the same used on the O gauge pigguyback flatform accessory), blue rubber bumpers, "LIONEL LINES" and "0050" on side, shaft motor drives O ring (which drives axles), reverses when either bumper contacts a solid object, cataloged from 1959 until 1963. Four versions were produced - i) 1950 to 1960 all orange body with white lettering, ii) 1961 orange top, gray bottom, black lettering, iii) 1962 same as ii but with white lettering, and iv) gray top, orange bottom, and white lettering in 1963.


17413MOB LIONEL LINES HO GAUGE 0050 SECTION GANG CAR -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused. With Original Box

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