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Tank-type steam switcher, painted plat black, "0605" in white numerals appears below the cab window, no lettering appears anywhere on the unit, cast-on handrails and steps, lighted, combination cast metal and plastic frame, plastic pilot and steam chest, shell mounts to frame with two tabs at the end of frame (which pass through the shell), and a screw passing through the smokestack into a weightat the front of the frame, rear steps often broken after servicing, combination band and worm drive, easily bent side and drive rods made of very thin metal, coupler with top pivot pin used with metal cover, cataloged in 1959 for separate sale and in set 5723, cataloged again in 1960 for separate sale and in set 5737, and available again separately in 1961 and 1962. The only tank locomotive Lionel ever produced!


17429VGOB HO GAUGE 0605 STEAM SWITCHER WITH HEADLIGHT -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

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