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O27 passenger outfit offered in 1958. While the Clifton, Newark, and Mooseheart are common streamlined passenger cars and came in the late traditional boxes, the locomotives are what make this outfit special. The paired Alcos, painted in New Haven Railroad livery, known to buffs as the "McGinnis" paint scheme, came only in this outfit. Each of the locomotives had their own corrugated tan carton made by Star and were packed with two cardboard coupler protection rings. The outfit box was standard 1958 basket weave style. The outfit included: 209P/209T New Haven Alco AA units with horn, two 2432 Clifton Vista Domes, 2434 Newark Pullman, 2436 Mooseheart observation, eight 1013 curved and five 1018 straight track sections, 6029 uncoupling section, 1053 60-watt transformer, lockon, tube of lubricant, "How to Operate" booklet, and instructions (form 205-55 for Alco locos and 6019 or 6029 for operating track). Set has sometimes been found with the 6019 uncoupler track which has five rails (for operating cars) as well a magnet. The 6029 operating track listed in various references has a magnet only. The 6019 is preferable to the consumer.


18040LNOB 209 MERCHANTS LIMITED NEW HAVEN PASSENGER SET 1958 -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use. With Original Box

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