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This was the first of only two sets to be cataloged with the scarce 682 steam turbine. Like the 682, all the components were new issue in 1954, except the caboose. The outfit box was the standard 1953-54 "Circle-L" type. All the components, including engine and tender, were protected by liners, and came in Middle Classic boxes. The 682 was a slightly revamped 681 with lubricator linkage and the addition of a white stripe on the running board. Tender box came with "2046W P.R.R." stamped end flaps. The 6464-175 Rock Island box car was common to this set only in 1954 (some sets contained the rare black lettered version). The correct component box for the Rock Island in 1954 was usually a 6464-50 M. St. L. box that has been overstamped with the word "silver" on the sides and "S" on the end flaps. Contents include: 682 steam turbine, 2046WX Pennsylvania whistle tender, 6464-175 Rock Island box car (sometimes the scarce black letter version), 3652-25 gray operating barrel car (sometimes the scarce red letter version), 6356 NTC stock car, 6417 N5C Pennsylvania caboose, track included 8 curves and 5 straight sections, UCS track section, lockon, wire, SP smoke pellet bottle, smoke plunger, lube tube, paperwork "How to Operate" booklet, Service Station booklet, 1954 billboad sheet, and directions 682-16, 3562-54, and 6019-16.



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