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Item pw-2245-01 t.s. f3 ab



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Scroll down below these notes and click on each line of our list of Texas Specials we have for sale! Built 1954-1955. F3 AB units, glossy red painted body with white silk screened lower quarter, louvered roof and typically with open portholes with snap-in lenses. White painted star on nose. Unpainted red lettering shows through white and white painted lettering on red achieved with the use of a unique reverse out silk screen mask. Combination MKT and Frisco decal, two piece ornamental horns, cab door ladder, window shell, number boards and headlight lens. Silver chassis, single motor, Magnetraction, three position E-unit, lighted, horn, operating coupler on pilot and diecast fixed couplers at all other ends. There are two basic variations. Units with red pilots have a single horizontal motor (which is the early F3 motor used in 2343 Santa Fe's) and silver trucks. Units with silver pilots have a single vertical motor and black trucks. There are rumors that there are a few B units in existance without portholes.


17057M 2245 TEXAS SPECIAL F3 AB W/RED PILOT -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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