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Item pw-2269w



  • To quote from Doyle's reference book: "This outfit contained what are arguably the most desirable and sought after F3 diesels Lionel ever made - the 2368 Baltimore and Ohio"
  • The B&O F3 was new for 1956, and the loco and set were produced for one year only
  • The set containing the B&O F3 consists of 2368P/2368C Baltimore & Ohio F3 AB units, 3356 operating horse car and corral, 6518 double truck transformer car, 6315 Gulf chemical tank car 3361 operating log car, 6517 bay window caboose, eight curved and seven straight track sections, and a UCS uncoupling/operating section
  • It is a highly prized collector's item and one of the top three F3 outfits (along with the 2273W and the 2296W)
  • The outfit box was the new, basket weave type, and the powered unit was boxed without a liner in the 1955-designed corrugated carton, while the B unit came with a protective liner in a Late Classic box. The 3356 was a new operating car and came with the corral and a wraparound liner in an oversized Late Classic box.
  • Both the horse car and the corral were available separately as replacement items, and each had an individual component box!
  • The chemical tank car and the transformer car were also new 1956 items, while the log dump car and the bay window caboose were carry-forward items and may surface in Middle Classic boxes with the stock number printed on all four sides.
  • The underscoring of "Lionel" was eliminated from the caboose during 1956 production, and the transformer car came with two cardboard inserts that were common to this car only, and, when properly inserted, helped to protect the fragile insulators. Please note that the powered A unit may have been the scarce blue-painted variation on a gray body mold. Paper included: "Lionel Trains How To Operate" booklet (1956 to 1957), "Lionel Service Stations" booklet (1955 to 1956), F3 Diesel Locomotive (2367-18-7-56), Horse Car Set (3356-78 9-56), 3361 Lumber car (3361-29 3-56-TT), and UCS (6010-16-4-56TT).
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