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The Canadian Pacific F3 passenger set produced in 1957 consisted of 2373 F3 A powered and dummy A units, 2551 Banff Park observation, and three 2552 Skyline 500 Vista Dome passenger cars. Note that the 2553 Blair Manor and 2554 Craig Manor Pullman cars were only available for separate sale. This explains their rarity today
  • The 2373P Canadian Pacific F3 A powered unit and 2373T The unpowered unit came individually boxed in revised cartons. The 2373P carton (numbered 2373-11) was produced by Express while the 2373T carton (mumbered 2373-2) was made by National. The Canadian Pacific was a departure from what had become Lionel's standard of supplying F3's as an AB pair. It was made on gray plastic bodies, painted brown on the top and bottom, with heat-stamped yellow stripes and lettering, no port holes, one piece horns, louvered tops, molded cab door ladder, black chassis, pilot and truck side frames. Note that the yellow stripe that separates the gray and brown on the cab roof is also heat-stamped
  • The 2551 Banff Park observation was supplied in a Late Classic box (2551-18) with coupler protection flaps
  • The three 2552 Skyline 500 Vista Domes were supplied in late classic boxes (2552-25) with coupler protection flaps
  • The set came with Super O track - twelve curved and seven straight sections, one insulated straight section, and a 39-5 operating pack. The 39-5 operating pack in envelope 89-26 contained a 37-25 uncoupling track section, 90 controller, 43 power track section, two 81-32 connecting wires, and a 39-7 instruction sheet
  • 1957 Accessory Catalog with Service Station Directory, F3 Operating Instructions (2373-12-6-57-TT), Super O Track Operating Instructions (39-2 10-57), and inspection slips also come in the piece
  • The set box is the brown basket weave-type with Super O graphics depicting a Rio Grande and a Canadian Pacific F3, Milwaukee Road EP5 rectifier, and 746 steam locomotive on the side. It was made by the Gibraltar Corrugated Paper Co.


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