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This engine was available in 1955 and 1956. It was available for seperate sale, as well as the engine in O27 outfits 1531W and 1534W in 1955 and in outfit 1562W in 1956. Two of those three sets featured a passenger train of attractive red stripe passenger cars. Despite being categorized as an O27 engine, it was definitely a premium offering. It featured the typical Pullmor motor, Magnetraction, headlight, three-position reverse unit, an operating horn (requires a D cell battery for operation - not included), diecast trucks and operating couplers at both ends. It also featured ornamental horns and separately applied hand rails. The body was molded in gray, and painted silver with rubber-stamped lettering and the "Burlington" logo. The silver paint tended to oxidize because they were not returned to the box after each use. It is difficult to find an example of this engine with perfect paint.



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