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This engine was available in 1955 and 1956. It was available for separate sale, as well as the engine in the O27 outfit 2235W in 1955, and in outfits 1553W and 1559W in 1956. All three of these sets featured an attractive and colorful train of freight cars. Although it started in 1955 as an O gauge engine, it was downgraded to O27 in 1956. Despite being categorized as an O27 engine, this was definitely a premium offering. It featured the typical Pullmor motor, Magnetraction, three position reverse unit, an operating horn (requires a D cell battery for operation), diecast trucks and operating couplers at both ends. Most 2338's have an orange unpainted shell with black painted on afterwards, and have rubber-stamped markings. The very first production run of these engines had a translucent, orange body shell and is very rare. Please keep reading below to learn the difference between the five main variations. VARIATION A: High gloss orange that is painted black. The orange band goes all the way aound the shell. The red rubber stamped railroad herald did not adhere very well on this variation. This variation was an early production run and is rare. Numerous fakes exist that had had the black paint removed from the cab of the common variation. VARIATION B: High gloss orange body that is painted black. The orange stripe ends at the cab and begins again. The interior is also painted entirely in black. This was a stop gap measure that Lionel used to stop the interior illumination from bleeding through the orange plastic. VARIATION C: Black body that is painted dull orange and flat black. The black body stopped bleeding through from the interior lights. This variation is hard to find. VARIATION D: Opaque orange body painted black. Orange stripe stops at cab with a dark red RR herald rubber-stamped on the cab. VARIATION E: Identical to D except with high gloss black paint.


17874LN LIONEL 2338 MILWAUKEE ROAD GP-7 -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use.

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