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Item pw-2343c-01 sf f3 b



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F3 B unit, silver painted body with red, yellow, and black rubber-stamped detailing stripes on lower side, rubber stamped Indian head logo but Santa Fe name does not appear on body, open portholes with lenses, silver chassis and silver painted side frames with steps, diecast fixed couplers, usually identified with '2343C' rubber-stamped on underside of chassis. Earlier wire vent model. Lionel used same number (2343C) for both the screen roof vents matching the 2343 AA's from 1950 to 1952, and the louvre vent models matching 2353 AA's produced from 1953 to 1955.


16538VG 2343 SANTA FE F3 B UNIT (WIRE VENTS) -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

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