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Item pw-2344-001 nyc f3aba



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Dual motors - Lionel's original horizontal motors with all eight wheels powered through an interesting worm drive. These are quite different from the "Pullmor" vertical motors of later years. Wire vents. Painted body and painted diecast frame. Stamped metal ladders on corners. Open port holes with lenses. Four ornamental horns. Diecast fixed couplers between units, and operating coil couplers on pilots. Painted diecast trucks with applied stamped metal ladders. Applied plastic ladders and handrails on body. Magnetraction with three position E-unit. Both units have illuminated cabs, headlights, and number boards. Large GM decals and black body mold. Built from 1950 until 1952. B units added in 1952, using number 2344C for both the wire screen and louver versions.


17845M 2344-01 NEW YORK CENTRAL F3 ABA -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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