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Item pw-2354-01 aba nyc f3



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Built 1953-55. Engines are in NYC's famous lightning blt paint scheme, dark gray with light gray/white lightning bolt down both sides. Has a louvered roof with snap-in porthole lenses. The white lettering is heat stamped as is the GM decal on both sides of each unit. Features include: two horizontally mounted Pullmor motors, Magnetraction, 3 position E-Unit, interior illumination/headlight in both units, and operating couplers on the cab end of each unit. This particular version of the 2354 can be dated from 1954-55 because of the small dimple behind the roof louvers.


17058M 2354 NEW YORK CENTRAL F3 ABA WITH DIMPLE -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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