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Lionel Southern Pacific- type caboose. Painted body with stamped metal frame, railings, battery boxes, ladders, and brake wheels (earliest version had brake wheels on the inside of the railings). Diecast staple-end trucks with coil couplers. Built from 1947 until 1948. SERIAL>17326EXOB: This is the original version of the "fully equipped caboose" with horn, smoke stack, and coil couplers. Graded Excellent (C7) because of one blotch on the front panel. Original box is missing one side flap, and end flap is taped on. Has original liner too. DNS. SERIAL>17513LNOB:
  • This is the original version of the famous "fully equipped caboose" - complete with smoke stack, coil couplers, brake wheels INSIDE THE RAILINGS, illumination, operating couplers on both ends, and tool boxes. Graded Like New (C8), this little gem shows how the caboose was built before they began cost cutting,
  • The number was changed on this top of the line caboose to 6457 when they changed to magnetic couplers instead of coil couplers, and was further chaned to 6357 when they elimnated the metal tool boxes
  • Original box missing outside flap on one end; other flaps have been taped on inside seam to prevent further loss. Includes original liner too DNS.


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