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The last reuse of the EP-5 tooling in the post war era was in 1959-60 when the 2358 Great Northern EP-5 was available
  • This is a handsome locomotive with its orange and green "Empire Builder"inspired paint scheme set off with three small yellow stripes .
  • "Great Northern" was heat stamped on the sides in yellow, but the end markings, number, and "BLT BY LIONEL" were done in with a single large adhesive backed decal on each end
  • This decal is very fragile; many decals have flaked with age or have been damaged
  • When an original decal has been removed for replacement, usually some orange paint was also pulled off; making the grey shell of the body visible around the replccement
  • The 2358 is mechanically identical with the 2350 New Haven 2351 Milwaukee and 2352 Pennsylvania
  • All feature the following: two pantographs, a single Pullmor motor, metal frame, diecast battery box, diecast trucks with operating couplers on both ends, Magnetraction, three-position E-unit (ie reverseing unit), ornamental metal horns, battery powered horn (requires a D cell battery for operation), operating headlights, and illuminated number boards with the #375 (the prototypes on the New Haven RR were numbered 370-379); Lionel used identical number boards with 375 on all four EP-5's)
  • These locomotives can be powered from overhead catenary system using the two pantographs on the roof as well as through conventional track power


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    18389M 2358 GREAT NORTHERN EP-5 -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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