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Item pw-2360b grn gradvent



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  • GG-1. Painted diecast body with five gold stripes applied with a rubber-stamped step-and-repeat process
  • "PRR" keystone decal centered at upper quarter of sides
  • Small keystone nose decal numbered "2360" at each end
  • Headlight lens, running lights, and ornamental horn each end
  • Two pantographs
  • Twin motors, Magnetraction, three-position E-unit, light both ends, horn, and operating couplers at both ends
  • Brunswick Green body
  • As the five stripes are rubber-stamped, there will be slight changes in color intensity due to the step-and-repeat process used to apply the stripes. Also, the stripes will be somewhat grainy. Many units have been re-striped, and these are done with silk screens, are not grainy and do not have the color intensity variations of the originals. No disconuities are likely to be fakes
  • Side ventilator screens differ in height (i.e. graduate down in height from center to end)
  • Correct box should be "2360-25" (stamped on box end) made by the "National Container Corp.". Box is stamped "2360-27" under the Corp. seal on the back.


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    17674LNOB LIONEL 2360 GREEN FIVE STRIPE GG-1 (1956) -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use. With Original Box

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