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Item pw-2367-01 wbash f3ab

2367 WABASH F3 AB (1955-56)


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Wabash AB units. A unit has blue plastic casting but both blue and grey are painted (by the factory). B unit has blue plastic body and blue is unpainted. Both have grey painted roof and upper quarter. The white lower quarter and white stripe are RUBBER STAMPED, which is correct and original. (Note: the book says the white is silk screened, which is incorrect, only fakes are silk screened.) Louvered roof and closed portholes, most typically yellow heat-stamped lettering, Wabash decal on nose, one-piece ornamental horns, raised molded cab door ladder, window shell, number boards, and headlight lens, blue chassis with blue painted pilot and chemically blackened side frames, twin vertical motors, Magnetraction, three position E-unit, lighted, horn, operating coupler on pilot and die-cast fixed couplers at all other ends
  • Initial production of the B unit had 'built by lionel' on same end of B unit, and was rubber stamped. Later versions of the B were heat stamped and had 'Built by lionel' on opposite ends
  • A units were all heat stamped


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    17057M 2367 WABASH F3 AB (1955-56) -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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