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Item pw-2517w



  • This set (with a dual-motored Rio Grande AB) was one of only 2 sets with Rio Grande F3 locos, Built in 1958, it was the follow-up to set #2291W built in 1957.
  • The 1958 set is substantially harder to find that its predecessor, but either one is among the top, most collectable sets of all time
  • Owning just one is a real prize and each deserves a rarity rating of 5 (on a scale of 1 to 5)
  • The set box was standard super O issue
  • The engine was offered without a liner in a plain corrugated box with tucked in end-flaps. The end flaps contained the item number #2379P on both ends. B unit came in a Late Classic carton with its own corrugated liner
  • Lionel Wrapping Papers were utilized for both AB units
  • All Rolling Stock used Late and/ or Bold Classic cartons.
  • The Rio Grande caboose #6657 was a carry-forward item with metal trucks from 1957.
  • The flat car with airplane #6800 was a repeat but how had AAR plastic trucks
  • All remaining cars were additions to the rolling stock roster. The poultry car #6434 and the atomic energy car #6805 were equipped with metal trucks to accommodate the pick-up roller feature
  • The Allis Chalmers car #6519 had AAR plastic trucks. Brake wheels on the Allis Chalmers car were quite fragile along with the handles on the radio active waste containers. It is not uncommom to find these components missing or broke.
  • SET INCLUDED: #2379 powered A Unit with dual motors and a #2379 dummy B Unit; #6519 "Allis Chalmers" car: #6805 atomic engery disposal car; #6434 poultry car: #6800 flatcar w/ airplane; and a #6657 "Rio Grand" SP-Type caboose
  • Super O track included 12-curved; 3-straight; 1-insulated track section; and a #39-5 "Super O" operations packet.
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