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  • unless we can ever find another 'bridge piece' this will be our last combination
  • This unit is a combination of the 342 operating culvert loader and the 345 operating culvert unloader
  • The combination enables a continuous operation involving unloading culverts from the special 6342 culvert car and reloading them at the other end
  • The 342 was introduced in 1956 and could be enjoyed seperately. It was powered by a vibrator motor, which drove the crane through fishing line. This accessory used a mechanically actuated gripper to lift culverts from the sloping ramp and move them to the included 6342 gondola. It had a black painted sheet metal base with a tan base structure and red building with a gray roof
  • The unloading station was introduced in 1957 as a companion piece to the 342. The short sections of pipe were picked up magnetically from the included gondola car and stored on a sloping ramp attached to the accessory base. A gray roofed


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    17255EXOB 342 & 345 CULVERT LOADER AND UNLOADING STATION - OUR LAST ONE!! -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust. With Original Box

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