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Unload the coal from a coal car by pushing a button on the operating track. Push another button and the coal will go up the belt conveyer and reload the car. Children and adults too will use this for many hours every year for many years to come. These accessories were produced from 1948 through to 1957 and have been fully checked out by our service department to ensure years of fun for you and your family. A great hit with kids, the few marks on this item adds character to enhance their play value! Operating the car (car not included) requires a remote control track section - purchase our TS-50 for Fasttrack layouts, 6-65530 for O gauge layouts, or 6-12746 for O-27 gauge layouts. The TS-50 is listed for purchase on our website on the gift page - the 6-65530 and 6-12746 are listed under track and transformers (click navigation bars on the left). All of these tracks will operate the coal car, all other operating cars ever made as well as the couplers on this car and all other Lionel cars. The accessory came with a blue painted motor cover with GM decal, light silver-gray base with either a hammertone finish or dark grey finish. The red tray could be unpainted or painted. Operated by first dumping the coal into the red tray and then activated via the ramp with a 364C controller. The coal ratcheted up the tray and was scooped up by the conveyor belt and loaded into a waiting hopper car.


17821EX LIONEL 397 BELT COAL LOADER - A GREAT ACCESSORY WHICH LOADS AND UNLOADS COAL -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust.

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