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  • Built 1949-50. NW2 switcher with ringing bell. Black painted body with white heat-stamped lettering. GM and SANTA-FE decals. wire handrails lighted, front and rear coupler. Three position E unit. Two axle magnetraction
  • There are four sizes of GM decals and different placement of the decal:
  • Type 1: 622 heat stamped on nose and side of cab, with large GM decal on cab side below number
  • Type 2: Identical to type 1 but with small GM decal on either side of hood near nose
  • Type 3: No 622 markings on nose, large GM decal on cab side
  • Type 4: No nose markings and small GM decal on sided of hood near nose
  • The small decal version with painted white 'Built by Lionel' is a rarity of 4+ - the only thing rarer are prototypes and small special runs of 50 or less
  • The more common version has 'Built by Lionel' in raised unpainted letters molded in the body
  • The switchers with die-cast bases are one of the best running locos Lionel ever made and the added, nice, quiet, dignified bell in this model makes it oh - so nice and, we believe, so much nicer than the best digital railsounds of today
  • Maybe we're old fashioned but these locos always were the best and we believe always will be the best.

    17185LN AT&SF NW2 DIESEL SWITCHER WITH RINGING BELL -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use.

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