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Item pw-6427-500



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The baby blue "Girl's Set" caboose was produced from 1957 until 1958. This caboose was only available as part of the 1587S girls set. The 1587S was an attempt by Lionel to tap into a market (women) that the company previously saw as a weakness. The trains in the set were all painted in vibrant, pastel colors. Unfortunately for them, the set did not sell well. Fortunately for collectors, the low sales volume translated into the accruement of great value. The body of this caboose is the same N5C porthole caboose that Lionel produced in Pennsylvania Railroad tuscan as the 6417, 6427, and 6437 stock numbers. The body is painted sky blue with heat-stamped lettering. The number on the body itself is "576427". It features interior lighting and a seperate window shell. The correct trucks are bar-end trucks with only one coupler. A true, original box for this item must be a Middle Classic-style box stamped 6427-500, and is exceedingly rare.



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