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This car was built between 1949 and 1950 only, and was an updated version of the 2461 from the previous couple of years. The main difference is that the 6461 has magnetic couplers instead of coil couplers. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. It has a gray diecast body with black rubber-stamped lettering and staple end trucks. The transformer is made of black plastic but painted red, with heat-stamped word "transformer" and circled "L" at the very top on both sides, compared to a decal on the black versions. It is secured to the flat car with two screws. It has four plastic insulators - two that stick straight up and two smaller ones that stick out on an angle. The originals were brittle and are commonly broken, missing, or replaced with reproductions. An original insulator will be yellowed somewhat with age. A reproduction will probably be close to pure white and un-aged.


18616EX 6461 SHORT RED TRANSFORMER FLAT CAR -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust.

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