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Item pw-6464-350

6464-350 MKT KATY BOX CAR (1956 ONLY)


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This car was available in 1956 only. It was never included in any sets and was only available for separate sale. It came on a Type IIb body mold with the faint cut out for the 6352 ice hatch visible (Lionel made several minor changes to the body mold of these box cars over the years. The variations center mostly around the rivet patterns on the sides). The body is painted tuscan and has white heat-stamped lettering. The doors were unpainted maroon or dark cherry multiblock style. The car is actually numbered 6464350. Extremely tough to find middle classic box (did not hold up well). Lionel would use the Katy graphics the following year on the girl's set box car (6464-515). The built date on the car is 1-56.


18270MOB 6464-350 MKT KATY BOX CAR (1956 ONLY) -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused. With Original Box

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