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Built from 1958 until 1959. Red, unpainted plastic body with "LIONEL" and the number, "6809" heat-stamped in white on each side. Features two loads - both U.S.M.C. military units made by Pyro Plastics. An unpainted black plastic bracket secures the loads to the body of the flat car. The loads are why this flat car is so valuable, because they are often either missing or replaced by reproductions. The real loads have the Pyro Plastics symbol molded into the plastic on the underside. This symbol is a triangle inside of a circle. In the triangle "PYRO" is written in decreasing size from the "P" to the "O". The original loads are difficult to find completely intact. In fact, probably over 90% of the vehicles found today are fake and/or broken originals. Part or all of the anti-aircraft gun is usually broken.


17448LNOB 6809 FLAT CAR WITH U.S.M.C. ANTI-AIRCRAFT AND MEDICAL TRUCK -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use. With Original Box

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