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This set number X-507NA was from "Gifts Galore" as a drug store give-away by the Druggists' Service Council, Inc. (D.S.C.). It had been erroneously identified as a Sears set for many years. Contents included the 1882 locomotive and 1882T tender with black and orange plastic with gold heat-stamped lettering. The locomotive was equipped with a light but not smoke, and is mechanically identical to the 1862 General loco. The 1866 mail car was a standard production yellow body with a brown roof version that was standard in 1862 027 sets. The blue 1885 passenger car was unique to this set. It had a brown roof and white heat-stamped lettering. The 1887 flat car with yellow fence was also unique to this set. It had yellow heat-stamped lettering. The set contained a 963 frontier set box with cabin, fence, windmill, pump, horses, and cows. The box in this set differed from standard 963 frontier sets with a "frontier" scene printed on the front of the box and a unique number (963-100 versus the standard 963 number found on other frontier sets)
  • The hardest aspect of the set to find is the unique cardboard display box. The set box was a large maroon flat box without a lid containing a die-cut filler with red and green sparkles that fit into a plain cardboard numberless sleeve (extremely rare). The set display tray measures approx. 26 x 24 x 3.5 inches and had glitter applied
  • 027 track included 12 curve, 4 straight, a 90 degree crossing, 1015 transformer, billboard sheet, and 1960 accessory catalog. For more info, see Schmid, John W. "Authoritative Guide to Lionel's Promotional Outfits 1960-1969" (ISBN-13-978-1-933600-03-1).


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    17763M HALLOWEEN GENERAL (D.S.C.) UNCATALOGUED SET - -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused.

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