Lionel 11913



  • Please note this set DOES NOT include track, transformer or a command base. It DOES include a hand held controller
  • This set was used to introduce TMCC, and the loco is the first TMCC equipped loco
  • Lionel included a hand held controller as an introductory special
  • FEATURES: Engine has a rugged Pullmor Classic motor and is Command equipped for total operating control, including enhanced performance characteristics like momentum, stall, and zero-start creeping, as well as trur, independent control on the same track, as other locomotive, Railsounds GP digital sound system, featuring true-life digital recordings of an actual GP9
  • Plus, the GP9 has automatic directional lighting, strobe light, magnetic couplers, and the electrifying SP Black Widow color scheme
  • Cars include* 6424 Circle-L Racing flatcar with Lionel LLC stock car,* 6464-275 State of Maine boxcar, * 6315 Sunoco one-dome tank car * 6357 SP illuminated square-window caboose * CAB-1 remote * Command features require a 6-12868 Command Base, available separately
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