Lionel 21955



  • Offered by Lionel in 2001
  • The double unit F3 AA locomotive is a superpowered scale model of the famous Rio-Grande F-3's, and operates with Lionel's newest hand held TMCC control system. The loco uncouples anywhere on the track, has magnetraction, horn, railsounds and headlights.
  • The passenger cars are all metal (aluminum) and include a baggage car, 2 pullman cars and a model of the Rio Grande's super luxurious rounded-end tear drop observation car with vista dome
  • The Rio Grande (and Santa Fe) were the only two railroads we know of having an observation car with a vista dome on the roof, which let passengers view the scenery from the dome on top of the car (with floodlights for nighttime), or watch the country from the windows on the rounded end of the observation. The only other car Lionel has built like this is for the Santa Fe Sets
  • Track and transformer not included, but set operates on any older layout with conventional transformers, without need for adding the new remote control (TMCC) equipment
  • Our TS-15CC package (with TMCC, track and transformer) is recommended if you need track, etc. To order, click 'track and transformer' navigation bar on left and scroll to the TS-15CC listing
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