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  • The Lionel Acela is the most technologically advanced model of Amtrak's most technologically advanced train. No model train from Lionel, or any other maker in any gauge, has ever contained so many never-before-seen features. The Lionel Acela was designed from literally hundreds of official Bombardier blueprints, covering every detail of each car and locomotive, inside and out.
  • Each locomotive is built from over 230 parts, while each car is built from over 180 parts. Every part has been specifically designed for the Lionel Acela. These parts, including all-new sprung high-speed passenger car trucks, have never been used on any other Lionel train. Even the unique locomotive wheels are accurately modeled to include prototypical simulated disc brake pads. A removable cap on the nose of each locomotive reveals extra details such as communication cables, a lift bar and even a scale coupler. From the spinning rooftop ventilator fans to recessed overhead interior lighting to the control knobs on the airliner style seats to the coffeepot in the galley, the Lionel Acela passenger cars include the highest level of detail possible, both inside and out
  • All floor plans and interior colors are taken directly from Amtrak manuals. The Acela passenger cars are the longest Lionel O gauge passenger cars ever produced. In true 1:48 scale, they measure 22 inches each. The locomotive bodies and cars are made of ABS plastic and the trucks and couplers are made of die-cast metal.
  • The Amtrak Acela races along the Northeast corridor, reaching a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Matching the high-speed prototype in scale miles per hour, the Lionel Acela will prove the fastest model train ever produced.
  • Both the powered and non-powered locomotive feature two pantographs that operate automatically according to the train's direction. Just like the prototype, the rearmost pantograph on each unit raises automatically when moving forward. Change direction and the pantographs automatically lower, and the opposite pantographs rise. Or raise and lower the pantographs manually regardless of direction using the CAB-1 Remote Controller. A break-a-way feature allows the pantographs to pop off, and be easily snapped back into place, should they accidentally hit an obstruction.
  • Each locomotive features prototypical directional lighting. The center white headlights shine on the locomotive at the head of the train, while the outer red marker lights shine on the locomotive bringing up the rear. Also the cab lights of the forward unit turn on, while the rear unit remains dark. Reverse direction and the lighting shifts automatically just like the real Acela. Each locomotive includes never-before-seen cab detailing, from realistic overhead cab lighting to exquisitely engraved and painted control panels that even include lighted gauges and dials.
  • The flush fitting passenger car doors open automatically with the touch of a button from your CAB-1 Remote Controller. It doesn't matter which side of the tracks your passenger platform is on. Open either the left side doors or the right side doors or both simultaneously, just like the real train.
  • On the real Amtrak Acela, the passenger cars tilt into a curve at speeds over 30 miles per hour. The Lionel Acela models this high-performance feature through state-of-the-art electronics found in each car and locomotive.
  • There are no clumsy hard wires connecting any of the units of the Lionel Acela train. A system of infrared sensors and microprocessors in each locomotive and car allow the entire train to be programmed at once. This unique system is what makes the ultra-realistic lighting effects, pantograph operation, sliding door operation and car tilting of the Lionel Acela possible.
  • Each car and locomotive includes a new close coupling system for the most realistic distance between cars ever found in O gauge. On straight track, the cars ride almost vestibule-to-vestibule for a very prototypical appearance. On curves, the distance automatically widens to allow the scale-sized Acela to maneuver around curves as tight as O-72.
  • The Lionel Acela includes the RailSounds 5.0 sound system, offering more variety and realism than ever before. From the climate control compressors to the air horn, all sound are reproduced from actual recordings taken from both inside and outside of a real Acela.
  • A removable roof panel on top of the powered locomotive allows easy access to vital controls such as the Program/Run switch, Odyssey ON/OFF switch and RailSounds volume. There is even a switch that allows you to draw power from an overhead catenary instead of the third rail. You can make any required adjustment without having to take the train off of the track.
  • A removable roof panel on top of each passenger car houses the interior light ON/OFF switch for easy-access without having to remove
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