Lionel 31757



  • Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Lionel set "to make the run" on the super-realistic Super O track system!
  • Originally released in 1957, this special set is highlighted by a #736 Berkshire equipped with Lionel's classic, heavy duty Pullmor motor, an eight-wheel drive system, and the exclusive gripping power of Magne-Traction. This "14-wheel monarch of the rails" is updated to include the TrainMaster Command Control system and the RailSounds sounds system
  • The "all-action" #2289WS Berkshire Freight Set is packed with classic cars carefully rendered to match the Postwar originals. It includes the first-time re-issue of the #3359 twin dump car, the #3361 log car with original ratchet-type cam design, a #6430 flatcar with grey-version Cooper-Jarrett vans, the colorful #3494 State of Maine Operating boxcar, and a #6427 caboose
  • In celebration of the 50th anniversary of this set and Super O, each piece of rolling stock will feature classic die-cast metal bar-end type trucks
  • SET INCLUDES: #736 Berkshire locomotive and tender, #6430 flat car with Cooper-Jarrett vans, # 3359 twin dump car, #3494-275 "State of Maine" boxcar, #3361 log car, # 6427 Lionel Lines porthole caboose.
  • LOCOMOTIVE FEATURES: TrainMaster Command Control equipped - able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode; Powerful Pullmor motor; Wireless Tether connection between locomotive and tender; Operating headlight; Die-cast metal locomotive body, frame and trucks on locomotive;ElectroCoupler on rear of tender;Magne-Traction track gripping system Fan-driven smoke unit Die-cast metal tender body and six wheel trucks
  • RAILSOUNDS 5.0 SOUND SYSTEM WITH CUSTOM RECORDED EFFECTS INCLUDE Multi-part CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements to create realistic operating scenarios - from pulling out of the yard to initiating an emergency stop, in both conventional and Command Control environments; Realistic operator-controlled effects, including the water injector, activated by the CAB-1 Remote Controller; DynaChuff synchronized chuffing that shifts through 15 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed and to simulate the locomotive running light or battling against a heavy load by manually adjusting the DynaChuff intensity with CAB-1 commands
  • The MultiWhistle effect simulates blows at different steam pressures, long and short attacks, and even extra quilling with each press of the whistle button
  • Independently adjustable volume control-use the CAB-1 Remote Controller to lower the level of background effects such as chuffing, while keeping operator-controlled effects such as the whistle at full volume
  • ROLLING STOCK FEATURES: Die-cast metal "bar-end" type trucks and operating couplers #6430 flatcar includes two grey vans Cooper-Jarrett plaques #3359 twin dump car includes coal and dumping tray #3494-275 "State of Maine" boxcar #3361 log car includes wood logs and dumping tray #6427 caboose features interior lighting
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Postwar Celebration Series plaques and packaging Gauge: Traditional O Gauge Minimum Curve: O-31
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