Lionel pre-8976-228

8976 0-6-0 SWITCHER FROM 1939-42


"8976" cast in plate pressed in smokebox door, "8976' rubber stamped under the cab window, flat black die-cast superstructure. PRR B6 0-6-0 Switcher features: operates on T-rail scale track, manually operated scale couplers on the loco front and tender rear, coupler lift bars release coupler knukles conventional reverse unit. In 1939 loco and tender have coupler part 700t-24. It was too low to couple with the scale freight cars. The 1940-42 loco and tender have coupler part 700T-34, which matches the couplers on the scale freight cars. The loco has one receptacle on the brush-plate. Loco made in 1939 have recessed receptacles, later production has projecting receptacles.

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