Lionel pw-1882



This item was only available in 1960. Uncatalogued 4-4-0 model of Civil War General, black painted plastic boiler with orange-painted cab and cow-catcher. The gold lettering is heat-stamped. It has a gold ornamental bell, and extremely fragile, black ornamental whistle. It also sports wire handrails and ballast weight. The engine has a Pullmor motor but no magnetraction. The is a two position electronic reverse unit instead of the typical three-position unit that included a neutral position. It also has an operating headlight. The correct tender is a matching 1882T General tender. The rear of the tender has a non-operating coupler.
  • This engine was only available as part of special outift X507NA. This set was made for D.S.C. (The Druggist's Service Council, Inc, a division of Gifts Galore). Only 7,300 sets were produced.
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