Lionel pw-2028y



  • Some 2028's have been found with yellow rubber stamped lettering instead of Gold rubber stamped lettering
  • Built in 1955. EMD GP7 road switcher; unpainted Tuscan red body with rubber-stamped lettering; rubber-stamped "PRR herald on cab; typically gold-painted frame. Magnetraction; three position E-unit; light in the cab end only; operating couplers; no other premium features. The 2028 was the 1st issue in the series: it came with 3 frame variations 1) Three rivets on each side to attach railing, 2) Welded handrails with 3 rivet holes on each side, 3) Welded handrails with no rivet holes. Many bodies have been relettered; original rubber stamped lettering rubbed off easily and most pieces are missing the Pennsylvania lettering.
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