Lionel pw-226

BOSTON & MAINE ALCO A-B ***UNCATALOGUED SEARS AND MADISON HARDWARE ENGINES - 1960 ONLY*** This would typically knock the grade down to a VG automatically, but we're still saying 'excellent' because the bodies are impeccable otherwise. These engines are no longer accompanied by their original boxes, if they had any to begin with. Check out the close-up photos, and thanks for looking! SERIAL>15755VG: Graded Very Good (C-6). This combination AB ALCO is actually in great shape.


This uncatalogued ALCo A-B pair was only available in 1960. They were only available as a part of three uncatalogued sets. Two were sets X576 and X577, distributed by Madison Hardware. However, it was very difficult for the average consumer to buy one of these sets complete from Madison. The owners of Madison enjoyed the practice of buying the promotional sets in bulk, then breaking them up and selling the individual components to increase profits. None of the indivudal items from t hese "X" sets came with individual boxes. Madison only purchased 100 of each set in bulk.
  • The third set the 226 ALCOs came in was the 9654 Sears Set. Unlike Madison - Sears liked to sell complete sets to bright-eyed children during the holiday season. The set featured four military cars and an SP-type caboose. A total of 6,000 of these sets were produced.
  • These engines typically had unpainted, blue bodies with heat stamped markings. The A Unit housed the Pullmore motor and three-position reverse unit, but a horn was not included. The A Unit also has a headlight. All four couplers on this pair of diesels were non-operating. Because they were almost always played with, the weak pilot piece that went under the coupler at the front is often broken. The engines that came in the Sears set did have individual boxes - cardboard for the powered and an orange perforation for the dummy.
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