Lionel pw-2321r



  • MAROON TOP LACKAWANNA Fairbanks Morse Train Master, Lionel's most powerful loco
  • The same item number 2321 was issued with either a Maroon Top or Grey Top
  • Has dual Pullmor motors; Grey paint over maroon paint; Rubber stamped maroon letters; numbers; yellow stripes. Metal frame; die cast fuel tanks and trucks; Magnetraction; headlights; horn; operating couplers
  • Note: all authentic 54-56 FM's (Lackawannas; Virginians; and Jersey Centrals have a crack at the screw hole on at least one end even if paint film hides it. They were cracked as part of manufacturing process
  • Units without cracks are fakes
  • See our FM video for full documentation on originals versus fakes and counterfeits
  • Built 1954-56
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