Lionel pw-2330



the single motor 2332
  • Compared with the 2332, the 2330 was practically an entire new design, and With all the additional tooling that was required to introduce the 2330, it is amazing that Lionel only produced it for one year
  • GG1s were not produced again until 1954. These 2 factors help explain the extreme rarity of the 2330 today
  • Green painted die-cast body with five rubber stamped gold stripes, gold heat stamped lettering, small PRR keystone decal centered at upper qurater of sides, small keystone nose decal numbered '2330' at each end, headlight lens, running lights and ornamental horn each end
  • Two pantographs (which can supply power from overhead catenary), twin motors, magnetraction, three position E-units, light both ends, horn, operating coil couplers
  • Discontinuities and variations in the intensity of the stripes are a characteristic of the Lionel Rubber Stamping manufacturing process and are on all GG1's. Without these, the item would be a fake.
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