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Produced by Lionel from 1956 through to 1958, the New Haven EP-5 was the first of four brilliant EP-5's that Lionel made during its Post-War era (PRR, Milwaukee Road and Great Northern were the others). The prototype locomotives (ten in total on the New Haven) were built by General Electric. They were the first engines to sport the New Haven's revitalized image in the form of the bright and festive McGinnis colors. The name "rectifier" was apt because the prototype locomotives had direct current motors that were fed power from the alternating current overhead wires. In order for the motors to utilize the A/C electricity, they had to be converted to D/C by huge rectifiers inside the locomotives
  • hese engines were also able to receive D/C power from a ground-level third rail, allowing them to run seamlessly from New Haven to the Grand Central Terminal. They were also equipped with the Pennsylvania Railroad's cab signal system, making them compatible across most of the electrified zone in the north eastern United States
  • They were affectionately known by rail fans as "Jets." The last of the Jets was scrapped in 1979. Lionel's New Haven EP-5 was the motive power in three freight sets: the 2259W and 2263W from 1956, and the 2279W from 195
  • All of Lionels Post-War New Haven EP-5s feature the following: two pantographs, a single Pullmor motor, metal frame, diecast battery box, diecast trucks with operating couplers on both ends, Magne-Traction, three- position electronic reverse unit, ornamental metal horns, battery powered horn (requires a D cell battery for operation), operating headlights, and illuminated number boards with the #375 (the prototypes were numbered 370-379). Painted in black, orange and white, most New Haven Rectifiers have heat-stamped lettering on the sides. The large "N" and name "New Haven" are white, while the large "H" is heat-stamped in orange. The nose is covered with a single, large, adhesive-backed 8decal. Most original decals show some signs of deterioration or damage. See the description of all six variations of New Haven EP5's here: most New Havens produced by Lionel were the common version like this one known as a type 4. However, there are five additional, very rare variations. Types 1 to 5 are identified in various books including the Doyle reference guides, but we have found and identified type 6 as an additional variation which is not listed in the books. Type 1: painted nose, orange "NEW HAVEN" lettering, orange "N" and black "H". Type 2: decal nose, orange "NEW HAVEN" lettering, orange "N" and black "H" (identical to type 1 except the nose has a sticker). Type 3: painted nose, white "NEW HAVEN" lettering, white "N" and orange "H". Type 4: decal nose, white "NEW HAVEN" lettering, white "N", orange "H" (identical to type 3 except the nose has a sticker instead of painted). Type 5: identical to the most common version with white "N", orange "H", and white "NEW HAVEN", except that Lionel created an unusual version for unknown. reasons, the upper orange and the lower white stripes went completely through the door jams. Type 6: this is almost identical to the unusual version with the upper orange and the lower white stripes through the door jams, only this version has a yellow body mold.
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