Lionel pw-2358



Available for sale in 1959 and 1960, the Great Northern EP-5 was the last of four EP-5s that Lionel produced in the Postwar era. While the Great Northern was famous for its use of electric motive power, the EP-5 never graced their roster. However, Lionel was not about to let some good tooling go to waste. The name 'rectifier' was apt because the prototype locomotives had Direct Current motors that were fed current from Alternating Current overhead wire. In order for the motors to utilize the A/C electricity, it had to be converted to D/C by huge rectifiers inside the loco.
  • The GN EP-5 was the motive power in two sets the 2533W of 1959 and the 2551W of 1960. All of Lionels Postwar Great Northern EP-5s feature the following: 2 pantographs, a single, Pullmor motor, metal frame and die cast battery box, die-cast trucks with operating couplers on both ends, Magne-Traction, three-position Electronic reverse unit, ornamental metal horns, battery powered horn (requires a D cell battery for operation), operating headlights and illuminated number boards with the #375 (The prototypes on the New Haven RR were numbered 370-379. Lionel left these number boards the same on all four EP-5 offerings they made through the 1950s).
  • Painted in GNs green, orange and yellow Empire Builder scheme, all Great Northerns have heat stamped lettering on the sides. The nose is covered with a single, large, adhesive-backed decal. Most original decals show some signs of deterioration or damage.
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